It Takes 0.05 Seconds for Users to Form an Opinion About Your Website

You may think website design doesn’t matter, but it is the first chance your church has to make an impression on the world. If it looks out-of-date, inefficient, or devoid of content, it reflects poorly on you, but even worse, it reflects poorly on God.

At Diakonos, we take our charge seriously. We pour our hearts and souls into creating custom-made sites for our clients so that we can make it easier for people to learn about God, not harder. We want to facilitate relationships between the church and the community, so they can come to know our Creator. And in most cases, that relationship begins online.

If you’ve neglected updating your website because it “serves its purpose,” we challenge you to think your site not as a placeholder, but as a powerful tool for evangelism. Let Diakonos show you all the ways that you reach into your area with the Gospel, without you ever having to lift a finger.


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