Stanley Church of Christ

The church in Logansport, Louisiana, is in a very rural area near the border of Louisiana and Texas. Stanley is a smaller church that just wanted something simple, so we developed them a single-page website that served all of their immediate needs with plans to integrate more pages and content over time.

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02Our Approach

Stanley church of Christ provided a unique opportunity to establish an online presence where there was none originally. As a smaller, rural congregation, many people in the area were already familiar with the congregation, but the church’s proximity to popular vacation spots like Toledo Bend meant that they were missing out on possible vacation traffic. The aesthetic of the website was chosen specifically to match the landscape of Western Louisiana, with a focus on access to multiple small towns in the area.

The brethren in Stanley were insistent that the focus should be squarely on the Bible – just as it should be. With that in mind, we chose to highlight the various aspects of Biblical worship with multiple ways to contact for the community to contact the church. The local preacher also received his own blurb to display the friendly and welcoming atmosphere one can expect when they walk through Stanley’s front doors.

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The Result

The Stanley project shows that a church doesn't need to spend a lot of money on a multi-page website to be effective. In an age where very few groups are focusing intently on their online presence, even a few small tweaks can make the difference. We look forward to working more with the Stanley church in the future!

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