Oaks West Church of Christ

Oaks-West is located in a mostly rural community outside of Austin, TX. Their site was based on the Wordpress platform, but it was text heavy, but content poor, having almost no sermons posted. Diakonos worked with the congregation there to create a more inviting website that highlighted the church’s strengths and encouraged a simple style of worship.

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Project Highlights

  • Modern Website with More Content.
  • Upload of Sermons to Site.
  • Increased Activity and Engagement on Social Media.
  • Improved Rankings in Search Engines.

02Our Approach

Though Oaks-West has a long and established history in the Burnet, TX, area, it’s digital presence has been clouded with low-page ranks and social media channels that were at a standstill. The first order of business? Update the site and load it with content that users could enjoy, then find ways to bring that content to multiple different platforms.

After an aesthetic makeover to bring the website up to speed, the team at Diakonos began tweaking the technical side of the site: inserting title tags, claiming NAP citations, optimizing for speed, etc. After that, it was time to set up a 

content drip on the church’s Facebook channel using engagement-based content and professional graphics. We also worked with the church to set up a private Facebook group for members, and establish an e-mail based bulletin to cut down on costs.

The process was seamless, and it was a joy to work with Darrell and the brethern at Oaks-West. We look forward to continued growth in the Burnet area, both digitally and spiritually!

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The Result

With a modernized website that focuses on simple, Bible-based worship, Oaks West is has established itself as the standard in the area for sound teaching. It has moved up in the search rankings for people looking for churches to visit. Oaks-West has also made a renewed commitment to their social media program, which has continued to see increased engagement in the community and from viewers online.

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