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Be Seen.

Make Contacts.

Save Souls.

Diakonos (Dee-ak’-on-os)
“One who executes the commands of another”

One of the Apostle Paul’s favorite tactics upon entering a new city was to go to the synagogues. Why? Simple: It’s where the people were. By going to where he knew God-fearing people were gathered, he was able to engage more people in spiritual conversations – one of the major contributors to the early, rapid growth of the church.

Today, a lot of those conversations are happening online, yet churches are not engaging in them. We’re allowing the world to establish a foothold in people’s hearts, and in response, bemoaning the fact that people just don’t seem responsive to the Gospel anymore. 

We believe the problem isn’t with people, but with visibility. That’s why we started Diakonos Marketing – a church marketing agency that helps churches reach the world with the Gospel. By Christians, for Christians.

Website Design

No two churches are the same, so no two church websites should look exactly the same either. We design custom sites for each individual church, loaded with features that  visitors will love. But that’s just the beginning…

Search Engines

What good is a site if no one ever sees it? In order for people to find you, your site needs to be constructed in a way that Google will find it. You spend a long time on your content; make sure the world knows it’s there.

Social Media

Social media networks allow you to share content and make connections with people you might never reach otherwise. We’ll show you how to reach people in your local community with the Gospel, and engage with them where they’re most active.

Recent Projects


Why do I have to buy a service package with a website design?

In the early days of the internet, you could just put together a website and search engines would rank it really quickly. Now, there is more competition online, which means you need ongoing maintenance and support to give yourself the best chance to be found. Our contracts include everything you’ll need to succeed at a competitive price.

Will more website traffic lead to more visitors?

It’s impossible to guarantee any kind of physical, walk-through-the-door foot traffic, but what we can say is that the higher ranked your website is, the more people will see it. And the more people that see it, the more likely people are to visit, find your location, and ask questions that they may have about your content.

Do you work with businesses too?

Absolutely! Even though our focus is on churches, we also have a few clients who are local businesses. Our pricing is slightly different but the approach is the same – ethical, effective marketing that is tailored to each individual client. Contact us for details!

Do you work on existing websites?

We are often asked to jump in on websites and optimize what’s already there. The problem is that, for some sites, the interface is so hard to navigate that it’s usually easier to start from scratch and migrate the content over. Don’t worry though, you’ll still keep your domain and search rankings. The package just looks a little different (and you’ll probably love it even more).

How long until we start seeing results?

Improving your search results is a long-term strategy. Anyone that tells you differently is either (a) doing something illegal, or (b) filling you with false hope. While you might see an increase in traffic within a few months, most of our clients notice a difference within 6-12 months. Our service contracts monitor that growth.

I’m a blogger/author. Will you make me a site and help me optimize it?

Yep. We believe that many of our brethren have great content that can make a huge impact in the kingdom if it were just more visible. We can help you with that, so let us know if that’s something you’re interested in.

What Clients are Saying

“Diakonos Marketing really gave us direction and purpose when it came to our online presence. I would’ve been lost as to how to reach the next generation without them.”

Kyle Campbell
Loop 287 church of Christ
Lufkin, TX

“After many years of using an old template for our website, we let Diakonos Marketing rebuild our site from the ground up. We are amazed at the difference!

Warren Berkley
Laurel Heights church of Christ
McAllen, TX

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